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Dmitry Grilikhes

I have been working as a color management specialist, application engineer and consultant for many years.

During the time of my work I have successfully solved many color management and control problems, of both technical and program-algorithmic character, dealing with multiple applications of color and using a wide variety of color processing software and measurement hardware. To that end I have written a couple of utilities and applications.

I gained a lot of experience with press characterization (fingerprint) primarily with Heidelberg machines and technologies (the software for which I have familiarized myself with, as part of the partnership with Heidelberg).

Besides conventional press my professional interests are focused on large format printing and ceramic printing, with which I have a considerable amount of experience and which I intend to continue researching.

Another important area of my interest - development of algorithms for signal and image processing.

Being a certified partner of X-Rite, I have a large experience of integration, usage, technical support and writing of programs to work with X-Rite measurement hardware (including GretagMacbeth as part of X-Rite).

Amongst the partners and customers that I provided consulting services to are famous Israel and international companies like Negev Ceramics, HP Indigo, Landa LABS, OBJet, Yedioth, Maariv, Globs, Mirkaz Lemipuj Israel, Bank of Israel and many others.

I programmed on Java, C++, and PHP